reading opens up whole new worlds

Love this piece of artwork found on Demotivation, of all places. READ! And you, too, will see over the wall!

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must see tv

May is upfront season where TV networks share their upcoming shows with advertisers who can then buy commercial time upfront. It’s probably the only time of the year when I really, really, REALLY miss working in TV.

Anyway, my favorite network is the CW and has been since it used to be the WB (for which I worked as a producer). UPN (I worked there, too) was swallowed up by the merger as well.

I’m excited about two things in the CW’s fall schedule: a new show called The Secret Circle and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV in new show, Ringer.

The Secret Circle is about witches and is being produced by Kevin Williamson, who also produces Vampire Diaries and did Dawson’s Creek. I can’t wait to see The Secret Circle! I use to not have to wait! When I worked in TV, we’d get advance viewing copies. Oh how I miss that!

Ringer. I’m not sure that the premise of a twin hiding as a twin is a good one. I mean, if I were the mob after her, I’d just kill both twins and call it done. What I am sure of, though, is that if any actress can carry a bad premise, it’s Gellar. Am I right?

Here’s to must see, scripted, TV!

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* Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville and Roswell are my favever (favorite ever) shows. It’s funny how I incorporated aliens, super heroes and paranormal into the the Sky People Saga. Me? Influenced? Yes!

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