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the cover saga continues

What number cover is this? Three? Four? I’ve already lost track. Yes, I’m being anal. Everyone judges a book by its cover and I want mine to be perfect! Readers have a right to expect the cover to give a glimpse at the genre of the story. My goal is to match the story as much as possible.

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i’m not a black & white kind of person

Categorizing The Sky People Saga is giving me fits. I was told by another author not to talk about this in public, because it doesn’t instill confidence. Apparently my novel’s success hinges not on good storytelling, but on me developing excellent pigeonholing skills. I disagree, but that’s a different a discussion.

So, let’s talk about my embarrassing dilemma in public (without divulging spoilers). The Sky People Saga isn’t a black and white type of story any more than I am a black and white type of person.

Some of the characters are alien. That means science fiction, right?

Some of the characters are descendants of gods. That means fantasy, right?

Some of the characters are Ute Indian. That means myth, right?

Some of the characters are werewolves … though not revealed until Book II (yes, I’m working on Book II, while dear betas read Book I). That means paranormal, right?

Is The Sky People Saga science fiction? Fantasy? Paranormal? Or simply all of the above? Must I choose just one category?

A future fan smacked it when she said it sounds like Roswell the TV show (that was inspired by Roswell the book series.) That’s it! The Sky People Saga is in that vein. Aliens who look human entwined with Native American mysticism and shape-shifters.

What is Roswell?

And what do you think of when you hear those genre descriptors?

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PS. My hubs, who used to be a newspaper editor – and a damn good one at that, has read Manitou. After a few *cough* spelling and grammar fixes, it’s ready for betareaders! I will make time to put it in various ebook formats and send to those of you who have graciously agreed to read my debut novel. I can’t thank you enough! Expect an email from me soon!

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