Hey! Welcome! I’m Lexus Luke.

Author, screenwriter, storyteller.

Do you love a good story?
Smart stories with twists and turns, and lot’s of surprises?

Me, too.

I’m a Wrinkle in Time lover, Joss Whedon groupie and Hunger Games fanatic.

With a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, I went into the TV biz for awhile, working as a producer in Omaha, Colorado Springs and Denver.

These days, I live in Colorado Springs, where I write and edit a lifestyle magazine for the Air Force by day and weave fiction by night. Fantasy, science fiction and paranormal stories are my fav. Sometimes – I even put all those genres in one saga of a story.

Me trying to find my best pose (there isn’t one) while figuring out how the iMac camera works. Techno toys are fun!