how to create an irresistible young adult fantasy story

If you like your stories complex, your teens smart and your fantasy with a touch of rationalism, you’ll love this recipe.

Recipe for Manitou The Sky People Saga

2 cups teens
1 cup reason & logic
2 magical bones, semi-whole
2 cups Ute Indian myth
1 cup thugs with guns
¼ cup creepy teacher
½ cup great teacher
4 cups Manitou Springs & Garden of the Gods
½ cup best friendship
Tbsp. murderous mom
2 cups young love

Combine the teens, reason and logic; mix well with Ute Indian mysticism. Sift in thugs with guns, and creepy teacher. Fold in a great teacher and the magical bones. Pour the mixture into Manitou Springs, Colorado. Swirl batter with Garden of the Gods, a murderous mom and best friendship. Bake. Top with promising young love.

Serves everyone who loves fantasy. Caution: May be addictive to readers.

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