read what you want to read

Much has been said on how ebooks are changing revolutionizing the publishing industry for writers.

You know what? It’s independence time for readers, too!



Are you bored with the same old formulaic fiction coming out of the big publishing houses? Indie writers are here for you. Many, many, many indie writers are self-publishing books that bend the genre rules and many, many, many more will follow. { Like me 😉 }

Publishing house books are no longer your only choice. Thanks to the rapidly expanding indie market, your reading options are growing and growing fast – especially if you enjoy offbeat fiction. So, go ahead, pick up a fresh read that you choose.


Not enough selection at your bookstore? It’s simply a function of space – there’s a finite amount of it inside any building. That means bookstores can only carry so many books at a time. And, if you see something you like on the shelf, better pick it up while you can, because leftovers are sent back to publishers on a regular basis.

Virtual space, though, is unlimited. There’s room for lots of titles to stay as long as their copyright holders want them to stay – including best sellers and hot titles you may have missed in years past.


Don’t want to be caught by your kids reading something with a racy cover, or have your boss see that you’re reading the latest YA fantasy? No problem. Ereaders {including those on smartphones :)} conceal what you’re reading for complete privacy.

Those are just three ways ebooks give readers independence. I’m sure there are more. Chime in! I’d love to hear how ebooks have changed your reading habits.

Thanks for reading,