rules? what rules?

Screenplays, essays, TV, marketing, newspaper – no matter the genre of writing, there’s always a stack of rules a professional writer must learn and carefully abide by. I did and I was successful in every genre I worked.

So, one of the tasks I set for myself as a budding novelist was to learn the rules of proper novel writing. I’ve been asking questions on various writerly forums and reading a lot – always a good way to get a grip on the ropes, right?

<Palm to forehead moment>

Then, this morning I decided to chuck the rules. That’s right. I don’t even know most of them yet, but I’m chucking ’em just the same. I have L.A. Lopez’s post about romance writing rules on today’s The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing to thank for it.

Why should I blindly follow rules that are being ripped to shreds and proven wrong by indie and traditional writers alike? I know a good story when I write one. I can write tension, twists and turns; I can write cliffhangers that have me biting my nails. So, yeah. Eff the rules. I’m going to do it my way, damn it!

Thanks for reading,