manitou the sky people saga

Some authors wait until the end to name their work. Some like to have that nailed down as soon as possible. I fall into the latter category.

Titles are very important to me. The title has to tell readers what they’re getting – a little sneak peek into the tale they’re about to read.

Take Manitou The Sky People Saga. Oh my, but the title is telling.  

Manitou means spirit in most native American languages. It’s also where the first part of the saga takes place, specifically Manitou Springs, Colorado. That word signifies that American Indians are part of the story.

The word saga means epic tale and is Scandinavian in origin. My heroine, adopted by a Ute family, believes herself to be biologically Scandinavian, because she’s pale and blonde with arrestable blue eyes.

And, Sky People speaks to Ute myth and a majority of ancient native myth from around the world – Iceland to Latin America and Africa to Asia. Those myths tells of people who came from the sky. They were gods, guds, tlalocs, Great Spirits and Manitous. The Sky People made everything, including the Nuche – the original people we call Utes.

Now, do you have an idea of the story? I hope so.

Thanks for reading,